A company’s website is the showcase for services and offers that are available to the public 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is what determines its prestige and reputation online. Nowadays, the competition on the web is voracious, the more quality you give to your web and the more facilities you give to your clients, the more prestige and online reputation your business will have. Now you may be wondering if you need to invest your money having your website professionally translated and and how important that really is; and no wonder you are analyzing this because you must take care of your assets and invest conscientiously. That’s why, thinking about entrepreneurs like you, we have made this article; so, keep reading.

First, you must think about your customers.

This is key if you have to request quality translation services for your website. You must analyze the profile of your present and future customers; perhaps your client portfolio is now in your country, but if your plans include internationalizing your services and products, you must think about the translations you will need depending on the market you want to target; for example, if it Latin America, it will be smart to translate your website into Latin American Spanish.

Then, think about your business location

The second key you have to keep in mind to make this decision has a lot to do with the previous one, with the profile of your main market, but now seen from your place of residence. If, for example, you repair computers, tablets and cell phones in a small neighborhood where your customers are mostly your neighbors, you obviously don’t need to invest time and money in translating your website. Now, if you offer services such as buying or selling various items, remote consulting in different areas or, to give you another example, you are trying to make your personalized brand known, the best option to reach more people is to translate your website.

Lastly, think of how you market your products

The third key to knowing if you should invest in a professional web translation is to evaluate: how you deliver your company’s products or services to your customers. If your customers have to go personally to pick up the products you sell, then you won’t need it. On the other hand, if you can provide your services to clients from any country, you will need a good communication system to get your work to any corner of the world. In this case you will have to have your website translated to communicate with them in a clear and precise way. 

How exactly important is website translation?

With a good translation you will allow the understanding of the users and clients that access your website. You will create a closer relationship with your customers, which translates into gaining their trust. Furthermore, speaking to them in their language denotes respect and appreciation for their culture and idiosyncrasy, which favors a more direct, fluid, clear and transparent contact. For these reasons, you will rely heavily on a professional translation to achieve the success, prestige and reputation of your online business

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