Legal Formalities


We give you legal advice associated with your translation

We offer:

– Review of legal documentation in Spanish and English

– Advice on legalizations and apostille

– Document registration and authentication

– Drafting, registration and/or authentication of powers of attorney

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a private translation certification and when is it needed?

Private translation certification is an alternative to the certified translator seal. It consists of a digital signature accompanied by the translator’s contact details and it works for some procedures within the United States Department of Homeland Security. This is used, for example, for change in legal status, application for political asylum and visas procedures. However, we recommend that you always confirm with your immigration attorney first.

What kind of translation do embassies request?

Embassies always request translations with a certified translator stamp.

What should I submit to translate my document?

The documents to be translated must be properly scanned and 100% legible. They must be delivered in PDF format to

What do I have to submit to have my document apostilled and/or legalized?

To have a document apostilled or legalized, it must be submitted in its original form.

Legal translations of all kind