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Writing a book is an accomplishment that not everyone can achieve. Take a step further and reach a greater audience by translating your book into a new language. Today, thanks to the possibility of publishing digital books and the great variety of platforms to do it, this step has become less expensive. Take advantage of all the benefits that technology offers you and translate your book with us.
Spanish to English:

“Even Stronger” by Karen Norgaard: (

“Grandpas against the virus” by Raymond Nedeljkovic: (

English to Spanish:

Prácticamente Imperfecta” by Mary Frame: (

“Bloqueando a la novia” by Sandra Sookoo: ( ean=2940163951574)

“Criminalmente Imperfecta” by Mary Frame (https://www.;jsessionid=F0AABE6D88ED962B1A005E2BE21CEA86.prodny_store02-atgap11? ean=2940164332853)

“Ridorkulous” by Mary Frame (;jsessionid=89E97E2DFF5B4ABB2C1BF3F88A15D44B.prodny_store02-atgap11?ean=2940164366223)

Free children’s story:

Minicuento infantil en español para niños pequeños sobre el coronavirus:

Written by: María Teresa Toro Ilustrated by: Mercedes Rojas Paez-Pumar

Download it for free here!

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