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Legal Translations

A legal translation is one that is only valid if performed by a certified translator. For example, in Venezuela, sworn translators are called “public interpreters” and are accredited by the Ministry of Domestic Relations, Justice and Peace.


A sworn translator is a translator certified to translate official documents. There are many documents that require a certified translation by a sworn translator, such as academic records, criminal records, death certificates, marriage certificates… and in general any document to be presented in administrative or judicial proceedings.


The stamp of a sworn translator automatically gives validity to the translation in any country that speaks the target language in which the translation is to be done.


Our translators are duly certified to perform legal translations in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and German.


We have extensive experience in translating the following documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, notes and titles, contracts of all kinds, court judgments and more.


We mail original translations with interpreter’s wet stamp to the country where you are located or send digital stamp.


If you´re looking for a professional, quality and properly accredited legal translation, do not hesitate to contact us!

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